Our services

Risk Management

We identify and assess clients’ risk exposures in their markets, then implement measures to monitor, review and control these risks. By setting up detailed risk management policies for institutions and implementing strong risk management culture in decision making within client institutions, we ensure a sustainable environment for risk awareness and control.

Corporate & Marketing strategy

We advise clients on strategies for market entry, focus, expansion and diversification in sub-Sahara Africa. Our understanding of the region gives us a strong advantage when providing international clients with strategic tools for achieving corporate objectives and targets. We work with our clients throughout the process or for a specific period to achieve their objectives.

The uniqueness of each market cannot be underestimated. This makes understanding the culture, consumer preferences, regulatory policies and operational dictates in the target market imperative for successful entry and expansion.

Project Management

Lexon Capital supports international clients on monitoring their projects, especially in these unpredictable times. We provide assurance and continuity on clients’ projects by enforcing policies that ensure compliance with international standards and project time frame.

We have also successfully managed tech strategy execution, including implementation of blockchain technology and monitoring remote working efficiency.

Corporate governance and regulatory compliance

We monitor and review corporate governance and regulatory compliance in companies. We also provide effective and transparent community relations services for clients.